Welcome to Algaada Centre for Agricultural Research and Experimentation

مرحبا بكم في مركز القعدة للبحوث و التجارب الزراعية

Algaada Centre for Agricultural Research and Experimentation is located in Samara Camp southwest Algeria. The Centre investigates the farming practices in the specific situation of the Sahrawi refugee camps and carries out different experimentations in order to develop the best solutions possible for some of the challenges facing the garden practices in the amps. The Centre also organizes workshops and events to educate and raise awareness about the different farming practices, it provides advice and guidelines for the camps residents who wish to start their gardens.

Algaada Centre mainly works with Saharawi families in the camps to set up their small-scale gardens. It encourage them to access fresh food locally. The Sahrawi people in the refugee camps have been dependent on the international aid for the past 47 years. Algaada Centre hopes to help the Sahrawi families improve their health by accessing healthy local food.

Taleb Brahim is a Saharawi agricultural engineer who runs the Centre and supervises its different programs. A number of farmers, assistants, practitioners, interns and volunteers take part in the different events. Algaada Centre provides an opportunity for co-learning between the different participants. The solutions develop from the scientific knowledge of the specialists, as well as from the challenges and difficulties brought up by the farmers and practitioners in the discussion sessions.

Equipped with academic knowledge in agriculture and practical trainings in Permaculture, Taleb Brahim hopes to spread the best ecological practices in agriculture in the camps and develops the solutions fit to meet the local challenges in the camps.

Different Permaculture driven solutions have been developing as part of the research practice by Taleb Brahim and his team. A number of farming models are being researched and developed in Algaada Centre, these are Aquaponic, Hydroponic and Sandoponic farming models. This is while still developing traditional farming practices in fields.

We are still in the process of building our website!!

!!We are in the process of building this website!!